Eternally Fruitful Questions

What questions should we ask when investigating Celtic myths? There are plenty we could ask, but I’ve tried to hone it down to three eternally fruitful questions. You can listen to this episode ​as a podcast here.​ I’ll talk through these three questions on the courses this coming season, and introduce you to the manyContinue reading “Eternally Fruitful Questions”

Taliesin Origins (my own and his)

There’s not many folks who end up in my line of work, and I often reflect on how I’ve ended up here, why I’m still following the path of Celtic myth. It all began with Taliesin, and I have a very distinct set of memories from my youth about those first tentative steps. This videoContinue reading “Taliesin Origins (my own and his)”

Celtic Gods in Medieval Wales

Many of the characters in Welsh and Irish myths are believed to be medieval versions of earlier Celtic gods. But did medieval audiences and readers see them in the same way? What was the medieval relationship to Celtic myth? Here’s one attempt to answer the question. You can listen to this episode as a podcastContinue reading “Celtic Gods in Medieval Wales”

Sir Gawain and Men’s Mysteries (Part 5)

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight isn’t just an old poem about chivalry and codes of honour, it also appears to be a meditation upon different types of masculinity. Which story about the sacred masculine is being told here? In this fifth part of a long rangeing discussion between myself and the poet and storyteller,Continue reading “Sir Gawain and Men’s Mysteries (Part 5)”

Sir Gawain and the Pagan Goddess (Part 4)

In this fourth part of the series we venture into the pagan wilds of the English classic. Many scholars have commented on the mixture of Christian and Pagan beliefs in the poem, but why did the anonymous author contrast the two types of belief so explicitly? You can listen to this episode  as a podcastContinue reading “Sir Gawain and the Pagan Goddess (Part 4)”

Sir Gawain, Woman and Wild God (Part 3)

In this third part of the series, Tom Hirons and myself talk through his poem ‘Sometimes a Wild God’ and some of it’s connections to the Green Knight. The following discussion explores Sir Gawain’s relationship with Lady Bertilak and what this can tell us about medieval and modern ideas of sexuality. You can also  listenContinue reading “Sir Gawain, Woman and Wild God (Part 3)”