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The Bleeding Lance in Celtic myth

In this last talk on Peredur and the Three Romances of The Mabinogion, we take a look at one of the more overlooked elements in the famous Grail procession scene, and find that the Bleeding Lance is best understood in the context of Celtic myth, where its meaning becomes clear.

The Fisher King’s Question

The Mabinogion tale of Peredur contains a version of the famous grail scene that so fascinated medieval audiences across Europe. But in a Welsh context, this scene has several other meanings, just as profound and just as pertinent to the study of Celtic storytelling.

Patterns in Welsh Storytelling

In this second video on the story of Geraint from the Mabinogion, we look at how medieval Welsh storytellers wove repeating patterns and symmetry into their stories. In Geraint, this technique is used to deepen the theme of the hero’s journey.

Remaking Myth in Welsh Storytelling

The story of Owain ab Urien travelled far in medieval Europe, mainly through Chretian de Troyes Old French classic Yvain (12th century), which although popular seems to have been stripped of its older more mythic elements. Yet on the story’s return to Wales in the 13th century, the Welsh storytellers appear to have reinvested the text with myth, renovating and remaking the story as they claimed it back.

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