Celtic Spirituality and Cultural Appropriation

This is an old issue when it comes to Celtic culture and our historical source texts. In this video I try to unpick the position we’re currently in from the perspective of Welsh culture, and explain why I’m not necessarily taking the usual route with this field of study.

6 thoughts on “Celtic Spirituality and Cultural Appropriation

  1. A very powerful speech. Everything you said deserves total respect, and you show bravery for saying it, and I think you’re going in a good direction, lecture position or not.

    1. I deeply appreciate your in depth explanation. It was ringing clear and gave much hope and joyfulness to fuller understanding. I am in search and now I have an deep connection to many things I knew where not be said. Many Blessings .

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing your perspective. I knew there were things being with held. Your methods and explanations made me know my journey of wanting to see the Welsh side and come to better know what my great grandfather went thru. Many Blessings.

  3. I would agree completely with the comment above–it’s a powerful lecture, filled with information and a wise perspective. I am glad I found your podcasts and classes. I believe they are needed now, more than academia knows. Thank you!

  4. Your heart mind and soul are so generous.i deeply appreciate your straight forward appproach on respectfulness and explanation on how to determine when things are not right and what to do to preserve originSl meaning that others have change and miss used. I and on the long road of gaining ancestral understanding . I will pursue the materials you suggested. Sorry for the delay in response. I hope my other 2 comments will be made available to you. I have deep connection to Dewi and would love to learn and shAre with you. I mean no disrespect by not using Saint. Many Blessings to you.

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