Enrolment for The Mabinogi course is now open, beginning 27 November 2022.

Please click here to sign up for £1 / $1.19 for the first month.

The Celtic Mythology programme runs every Sunday at the same time, evening (UK Time), mid-afternoon (ET) and mid-morning (PT).

Every week there are some pre-recorded video lectures to watch and sometimes some reading to do before you attend the Sunday Zoom call. The time commitment (including the 1 hour call) is between 2 and 3 hours per week.

You are more than welcome to join us for the whole 2 year programme, or you can just follow any of the individual courses as they come up in the year.

You can leave a course and cancel your membership at any time.

Upcoming course:

Mabinogi Part 1 (Group 2), 27 November 2022 – 18 December 2022; 7 weeks.

Christmas Holidays

Mabinogi Part 2 (Group 1), 8 January 2023 – 12 February 2023; 6 weeks

Half Term, 19 February 2023

Mabinogi Part 3 (Group 1), 26 February 2023 – 2 April 2023; 6 weeks.

Half Term, 9 April 2023

The Native Tales (Group 1), 16April 2023 – 21 May 2023

Dates for the second year will be confirmed during summer 2023, but the courses will be:

Tales of the Tuatha De Danann

Tales from the Ulster Cycle

Tales from the Fenian Cycle

All of these courses are available with the same monthly membership fee of £49 / $59 per month. You can stop at anytime, there’s no obligation to continue a course you’ve started.

Please click here to sign up for £1 / $1.19 for the first month.

If you would like to try a course for free, please click here.

Click on an image to find out more about some of the courses available when you enrol:

The Taliesin Tradition

The Taliesin mythology is one of Britain’s oldest surviving traditions. With its roots in the Celtic Iron Age it continues to flourish to this day as a central part of Welsh language culture, . . .


The Four Branches of the Mabinogi is an old Welsh classic that was first written down about 900 years ago. It appears to be a collection of traditional tales that probably originated in the oral storytelling . . .

The Native Tales

The Native Tales of the Mabinogion, these being The Dream of the Emperor Maxen, Lludd and Llefelys, How Culhwch won Olwen and Rhonabwy’s Dream, are a mixture of oral and written, . . .

The Three Romances

The Three Romances of the Mabinogion, Geraint, The Lady of the Well (or Owain) and Peredur, are three Arthurian tales that were copied down sometime in the 12th and 13th centuries. They are similar . . .

The Welsh Fair Folk

The Welsh Fair Folk are central to the folk beliefs and practices of Wales. In the Medieval period they were the Plant Annwfn (‘Children of Annwfn’), the Welsh otherworld, but later became . . .

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