The Taliesin Tradition

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The Taliesin mythology is one of Britain’s oldest surviving traditions. With its roots in the Celtic Iron Age it continues to flourish to this day as a central part of Welsh language culture, modern Druidry and Paganism. The main sources for this tradition include some of the oldest and most intriguing poems of the Welsh bardic tradition, as well as some of the better known folk stories of Wales. By examining these sources in detail, this course explores what is essentially the oldest surviving myth concerning a native British priesthood.

Dr Gwilym Morus-Baird completed his studies at Bangor University School of Welsh in 2011 with a dissertation on the bardic tradition of Medieval Wales. He has worked as a research fellow at the Library of Congress, Washing DC and has taught on courses in several different establishments. In recent years he has focussed on developing his own courses and running workshops for organisations and at festivals.

This course is currently made up of 7 chapters, containing 31 separate videos on different topics, and has a total running time of 5.2 hours. The monthly membership includes access to all courses on the website, including this one.