2. The Spiritual Leader

The fact that reincarnation and awen (‘divine inspiration’) are both part of Taliesin’s myth suggests he could take on both religious and poetic roles. It should be no surprise therefore to find Taliesin closely associated with that other famous Welsh spiritual leader.

A question to consider . . .

  • The birth of the spiritual leader is preceded by the appearance of three wild animals, each symbolising something which appears to be important in the creation of such a being. What qualities do these animals confer upon the blessed babe?


  • Buchedd Dewi, ‘The Life of Saint David’ translated by A.W. Wade-Evans can be found here.
  • Sioned Davies, ‘Culhwch and Olwen’, The Mabinogion (OUP 2007):  Morfran . . . , (no man planted his weapon in him at Camlan because of his ugliness. Everyone thought he was a devil helping. He had hair on him like a stag). And Sandde Angel Face, (no man planted his spear in him at Camlan because of his beauty. Everyone thought he was an angel helping).