Sir Gawain and the Mabinogi (Part 1)

I have been intending to explore Sir Gawain for some time now, and I thought it best to do it in conversation with a good friend of mine, the poet, storyteller and guide Tom Hirons.

We recorded a lengthy conversation that I’ve edited into several chapters. Here is the first, Sir Gawain and the Mabinogi.

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A Queen Betrayed

Both Rhiannon’s and Branwen’s stories in the Mabinogi express some of the most tragic themes in Celtic myth. They are also very similar to later folktales from other traditions. In comparing all of these stories we find some very interesting ideas and beliefs common to many of them.

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The Celtic Wonder-child Myth

Myths about immortal fathers and miraculous births are found in many cultures across the world, including the stories of the Welsh and the Irish. What does this widespread myth tell us about mythology itself? Rhiannon’s Mabinogi part 3.

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How can we understand the Mabinogi?

In this second video on W.J.Gruffydd’s classic of Celtic scholarship, Rhiannon we explore his comparison of the Irish story the Conception of Mongán with the Welsh story of Pwyll in Annwfn. What can this tell us about Celtic myth?

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Rhiannon’s Mabinogi part 1

The story of Rhiannon is found in the first and third branches of the Mabinogi. One of the most important books written on the subject is Rhiannon by W.J. Gruffydd, one of Wales’ most prominent poets and scholars of the 20th century. But why is his work so ingenious and contentious? This talk is the first in a series exploring this book in depth. Feel free to follow along.

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