Taliesin Origins

A free 5 part online course with Dr Gwilym Morus-Baird.

The Taliesin mythology is one of Britain’s oldest surviving traditions. With its roots in the Celtic Iron Age it continues to flourish to this day as a central part of Welsh language culture, modern Druidry and Paganism. The main sources for this tradition include some of the oldest and most intriguing poems of the Welsh bardic tradition, as well as some of the better known folk stories of Wales. By introducing these sources, this short course explores what is essentially the oldest surviving mythology of a native Welsh priesthood.

  1. Introduction: What is this course about and what is the traditional Tale of Taliesin?
  2. Elements of the myth: The different sources for the Taliesin tradition reveal an ancient bardic mythology.
  3. The spiritual leader: Taliesin, Chief of all Bards can be compared with St David, Chief of all British saints, his brother in myth.
  4. The historical Taliesin: The myth is of course based on a legendary man, the 6th century Welsh bard, Taliesin.
  5. The Riddler: The Welsh bards were fascinated by the magic of poetry.

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