The Taliesin Tradition

a 7 part online course with Dr Gwilym Morus-Baird

The Taliesin mythology is one of Britain’s oldest surviving traditions. With its roots in the Celtic Iron Age it continues to flourish to this day as a central part of Welsh language culture, modern Druidry and Paganism. The main sources for this tradition include some of the oldest and most intriguing poems of the Welsh bardic tradition, as well as some of the better known folk stories of Wales. By examining these sources in detail, this course explores what is essentially the oldest surviving myth concerning a native British priesthood.

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This course is made up of pre-recorded video lessons, detailed notes and translations, and recorded discussions with live groups, all together about 30hrs of course videos.

The course chapters are:

Chapter 1: Taliesin Origins.
Chapter 2: The First Millennia.
Chapter 3: The Gogynfeirdd Period.
Chapter 4: The Book of Taliesin.
Chapter 5: From the Book to the Tale.
Chapter 6: The Tale of Taliesin, part 1.
Chapter 7: The Tale of Taliesin, part 2.

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